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Berthold Technologies: Non-Contact Radiometric Measurement of Level, Density/Concentration, Mass Flow and Moisture Content of Bulk Solids and Liquids. Applications Include Limestone Slurry, Acids, Processing & Storage, All Slurry Conveyed Materials, Bulk Storage, etc.

K-TEK: Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges; Float, Radar, and Ultrasonic Laser Level Transmitters; Thermal Dispersion for Flow/Level/Temperature; RF Capacitance, Level Switches and Transmitters. Vibrating Fork, Paddle Wheel and Float Level Switches; Plumb Bob Level Transmitters and Loop Powered Indicators; BETA Pressure & Temperature Switches.

Severe Service Control Valves Providing Reliable Control, Long Life and Elimination of Cavitation, Erosion Vibration and Noise Associated Problems, For All Valve Sizes and Pressure Classes From 1/4" to 36" 150# to 4500# ANSI Class. Applications Include Turbine By-Pass, Boiler Feed Pump Recirculation, Attemperator Spray Control, Auxilliary Steam Control, Soot Blower Control, DA Steam Pegging, Desuperheating System, etc.

Lecrodryer: Manufactures Process Drying Equipment for Gases and Liquids as well as Low Pressure and Custom Refrigeration Drying, Including: Hydrogen Dryers for Turbine Generators; CO2 Degassing Systems; Process Gas Purification Dryers; Liquid Purification Dryers; Dehumidifiers; Regenerative Adsorption Dryers; Refrigeration-Type Industrial Gas Dryers, High Efficiency Mist Removal Filtration Systems; Tank Vent Dryers. Markets Include: Power Generation, Hydrocarbon, Refining, Chemical Processing, Gas Manufacturing and Refining, Solvent Drying, and Sewage/Water Treatment. Lectrodryer Has The Solution For All Compressed Air and Gas Drying Applications and Offers a Complete Range of Drying and Purification Equipment.

OCI Instruments: Complete Line of High Quality Industrial and Process Pressure Gauges.

OCI Instruments: Complete Line of High Quality Industrial and Process Pressure Gauges.

ThermoCouple Innovations, Inc: Thermocouples, RTD's, Thermowells, Instrument Calibrators, Cable, Terminal Boxes, Extension Wire, Calibration Services, Multipoints and Custom Temperature Sensors.

Thermx Southwest: Providing Cutting Edge Temperature Solutions Since 1983: Thermocouples and Thermocouple Wire, Standard and Specialized Connectors, Thermal Panel Jacks, 2-Pole Strip Panel Thermocouple Connectors, Compression Fittings, Process and Temperature Controllers, Solid State Relays and Heaters.

TRIMTECH: Complete Line of Cost Effective Control Valve Solutions, Including OpGL, Globe, OpEXL Eccentric Plug, OpVEE V-Notch, OpDX Butterfly, and OpTB Trunnion Ball Control Valves. Special, Aerospace Metal Hardening Technology, CVD-SB, Chemical Vapor Coatings Are Available to Increase Erosion and Improve the wear characteristics to the internal body surfaces as well as the Hardness to 72 on the Rockwell C Scale. Pneumatic & Digital Positioners with Position Feedback, HART Protocol and Auxiliary Limit Switches Available.
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