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ADAMS: Isolation Valves, Providing Rotary Tight Shut-off Zero Leakage. Sizes from 3" to 160", -328 to 1700°F and Pressures up to 2500 psi. Complete Line of Tilting Disk Non-Return Check Valves.

Allen-Sherman-Hoff: Ash Handling Systems & Technology including complete Bottom Ash & Fly Ash Handling Systems, Clinker Grinders, Ash Gates, HydroEjector®, Ash Piping Systems, Pugmills, Hydrobin®, Submerged Drag Chain Conveyors, and Magaldi Dry Bottom Ash Handling Systems.

CBP Engineering: Abrasion/Corrosion Resistant Pipe, Tile & Trowelable Products for Complete System Requirements in Bottom Ash, Flyash, Coal Pipe, Chutes, Tanks, Hoppers, etc.

Diamond Power Controls & Diagnostics: Sootblower & Ash Handling SentrySeries® Control Systems including Basic, Advance and Intelligent Controls, System Performance Engineering Services. Diagnostic equipment such as Boiler Drum Level Gauge Products including Remote Drum Level Indicators, Vision Systems including Fiber Optic Viewing Systems and Visible, Infrared & Pyrometer Camera Systems.

Green Bank Energy Solutions Coal Flow Balancing, Mass Flow & Velocity Monitoring, Carbon & Ash Monitoring, Online Particle Size Analyser, Moisture Monitoring, Variable Area Sampling.

Onyx Valve Company: Pinch Valves from 1/2" through 24", Pneumatic Actuators up to 30" in Diameter, Pressure Isolator Rings from 1/2" through 30" Diameter, Electro-Pneumatic Positioners, Expansion Joints from 1" to 24" and Electronic Controls for Fluid Handling Applications.

Process Equipment/Barron Industries: Custom Fan Design and Modification, Dampers, Expansion Joints, Mechanical Dust Collectors, Boiler Tube Overlay, Drag Chain Conveyors, Rotary Feeder Valves, Repair Vacuum Pumps and Blowers, Boiler Air System Upgrade, Complete Duct System Fabrication, Field Service and 24 Hour Emergency Repair.

Valvtechnologies: Metal Seated Zero Leakage Severe Service Ball Valves, 150#-4500# ANSI Class, 1/2" Through 24" Standard Size, Steam/Condensate Drains, Block Valve Applications, ASME "V" Stamped Power Operated Relief Valve, 1/4 Turn Control Valve & Parallel Slide Gate Valves.

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